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MalmöJS Meetup - Redux Patterns & ReasonML

Date: 1 Oct

A MalmöJS meetup at Edument's Malmö office! Talks will be given on Redux patterns and ReasonML. Oh, and free food and beer!

    Past events

    What does a website look like behind the scenes? Take part in the everyday life of a web developer

    Date: 20 Sep

    What is it that helps the eye to follow the news feed and how is it just the shirt you are looking at? Nelly Haglund talks about her journey to web developers and gives an insight into changing code directly in the browser.

      How to Wasm

      Date: 9 May

      Are you a software developer who wants to keep track of all the new and shiny? Have you heard of this new "WebAssembly" thing but felt it's a bit experimental? It's actually not experimental anymore! It's big and its here!

        Live and lead agile with Management 3.0

        Date: 10 Apr

        To be agile and to lead as a leader without leading is an expression that appears in all industries today. But what does this really mean?

          Docker Birthdayparty #6

          Date: 2 Apr

          Docker is turning 6 years old! It's time to celebrate Docker's birthday, but this year Docker wants to celebrate you too! This is done through this year's theme which is "How do YOU #Docker?".

            The future is already here - How to achieve modern software development

            Date: 12 Feb

            What does modern software development mean?
            Free lunch seminar in collaboration with System Verification. 

              World’s Best Morning: ”Augmented Reality & Machine Learning”

              Date: 8 Feb

              How did we create an environment and a culture where we take advantage of not only internal innovations but also external, and how does it work?

                Angular testing… but faster

                For better or worse Angular comes with a very opinionated set of tools. During the evening we’ll discuss Angular front end, try out the Karma setup and then leaving those tools for Jest.

                  Entrepreneurship & AI

                  The landscape for entrepreneurship and business establishment has changed significantly. At the same time, the computers are on the understanding of the world and we face a big change. People and machines are more likely to work together, side by side.

                    How I built a programming language

                     This is the story of how I implemented my own little language and my own little compiler. 

                      Unlocking everyone’s technological potential - workshop

                      How can software creation be easy, easily accessible and fun? At this workshop we will show you new, beginner friendly programming environments that you can try out with the guidance of our experts.

                        Hack the City!

                        For beginners and experienced coders alike, we'll look at all the information that is available for free to make new web services, from bus schedules to city gardens. We'll start with a small introduction and spend the rest of the evening building a small web project and talk about the future of social cities.

                          TypeScript and crossing the river

                          This talk is the story of how I wrote that program in modern  JavaScript, and how halfway through it I realized it would be so much  better if I switched to using TypeScript.

                            Beer.js - Debugging node.js from docker and multi source API's

                            We are sponsoring an early summer edition of Beer.js together with "The Community Fund".  The event will take place at the Marina hotel in Reykjavik. Stephen will be speaking on "Debugging in Docker"

                              Javascript 2018 - React vs Angular

                              In the red corner, championing Angular, is long-time JavaScript evangelist David Waller. His opponent in the blue corner, defending React’s honor, is Carl Mäsak. Throughout the evening, our two combatants will enter into a battle of wits, where the merits and weaknesses of the two frameworks are highlighted.

                              • JavaScript

                              Introduction to GraphQL - Client Side

                              A hands-on introduction to GraphQL, the new(ish) query language from Facebook. GraphQL is built around a simple premise: Ask for what you need, and get exactly that, in a predictable format.

                                Why wait? Creating C++17 polyfills

                                In this talk we’ll discuss a few of the new C++ 17  features, why we like them, and how we can use them today, even on unsupported platforms. Our examples will come from a recent android  augmented reality project, where we took advantage of new C++17  features, even though we where limited to the C++14 version of the  standard library. 

                                  Webinar Modern Javascript - 16 March

                                  Webinar: Modern JavaScript - March 16th
                                  Are you interested in JavaScript? Let yourself be inspired.

                                  • JavaScript

                                  Avoiding problems with CSS at scale: A look at CSS in JS

                                  Anyone who has ever worked on a large product knows the pain of  poorly architected CSS. CSS in JS enforces locally-scoped styles by  default, by pulling in only the styles necessary for the component, instead of a whole CSS stylesheet.

                                    News & feeds

                                    • Be involved and influence!

                                      We now have even more courses in our range and want to be able to offer them on schedule. But we need your help! Which of these 6 courses do you want to attend? Submit your interest!

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                                    • A story about React

                                      The story about how we wrote a story(book) for our React courses

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                                    • Course update: .NET Core 3.x and C# 8

                                      .NET Core 3.0 and C# 8 will be released at the end of September, of course we keep our courses up to date.

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                                    • Edument talk about Angular and the lure about programming

                                      David Waller and Stephen Lau are speaking att Day of the Programmer. 

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                                    • New courses - SQL and Power BI

                                      Are you new to SQL or would you like to deepen your knowledge in Power BI? Regardless, we now offer new courses.

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